NY: Virtual Day at the Capitol 2018


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Today, hundreds of ACS CAN volunteers from across the state are traveling to the Capitol to promote policies that help in the fight against cancer. For every voice you hear in your office today, there are thousands more in the communities you represent. I am one of those voices.

This year, over 110,000 New York State residents are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. At current smoking rates, 280,000 kids alive today will die from smoking. E-cigarette use among New York high school students skyrocketed in just two years to over 20%. Use of indoor tanning devices by teens increases their risk of skin cancer, and melanoma is currently the second most common cancer among females aged 15-29.

The statistics are scary...but we can change this. It's time to make cancer prevention a top priority.

As your constituent, I am asking you to:

- Raise the sale age of tobacco to 21 (A.273/S.3978)
- Restrict the sale of flavored tobacco (A.277/S.758-A)
- Protect teens from the dangers of indoor tanning (S.5585/A.7218)

I am adding my voice to the many you will hear from today. Cancer affects us all, and I believe protecting New Yorkers from cancer in the most important issue of our time. Can I count on your support?

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