No amendments for preemption language (HB 956)


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Do Not Allow Amendments On HB 956

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent and a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, I am asking you to close out the 2018 legislative session with NO preemption amendments (HB956) that can affect local tobacco control laws.

This year in Georgia, an estimated 56,920 new cancer diagnoses, and an estimated 17, 730 deaths from cancer, are predicted. To combat these staggering numbers, cities like Atlanta have taken action to protect their citizens from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, all the while protecting our children from the addictive chemicals of tobacco products. In light of this progress, why would we remove the power from our city & county lawmakers when they are working hard to lower the number of predicted cancer cases?
Sustained, local authority is key to making even more progress in this area. Local governments have been called "laboratories of democracy," and local authority creates an environment where community leaders can pioneer better policies. This raises the bar for everyone.
The ability to be innovative is especially important as we continue to learn more about what works. With this in mind, preemptive laws that will discourage such efforts to protect the community's health, can have a significant, and dangerous, impact on community protections, like those noted above, for many years to come.

Please do the right thing for Georgia residents and do not allow any amendments with preemption language to pass (HB956).

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