IN 2018: Tell Your Legislators To Protect Our Kids


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Between SB 209, that would have protected all minors from the carcinogens of indoor tanning, and HB 1309 which would have raised the tax on cigarettes by $2 and increased the sale of tobacco products age to 21, the legislature had the opportunity to protect our kids from a future cancer diagnosis.

Instead, these proposals have not been prioritized this session and we are at risk of going another year without protecting the health of Hoosier kids.

By increasing the price of cigarettes, increasing sales age of tobacco products and restricting access to tanning devices, we can prevent kids from ever starting these life-threatening practices and addictions - saving lives as well as healthcare costs for businesses and our state.

We cannot wait any longer to make the health of Hoosiers a priority--and we should start by protecting our kids. As a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and your constituent, I urge you to prioritize the health of our state and to support measures that will protect Indiana's future.

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