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Support a $1.65 per pack cigarette tax

Dear [Decision Maker],

One of the best things New Jersey can do to improve public health is to increase the tax on cigarettes by $1.65 per pack. Raising the cigarette tax by $1.65 per pack would generate over $111.24 million in new revenue for the state.

All states that have substantially increased their tobacco taxes have realized an increase in revenue even as consumption declines.

In addition to generating revenue, increasing the NJ cigarette tax by $1.65 per pack will prevent 35,400 kids from ever starting to smoke, help 52,500 smokers quit and save the lives of 24,400 New Jerseyans.

Increasing the NJ cigarette tax by $1.65 per pack will generate much needed, reliable revenue for the state and improve the health of New Jersey residents.

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