VT: Pass the radon testing bill!


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You can still protect Vermont students and staff from radon!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for including language in the miscellaneous education bill that would increase radon testing in schools and set up a study committee to find funding sources to help pay for mitigation when tests in schools come back dangerously high. Unfortunately, as you know, S.279, was not taken up by the Conference Committee before the session ended.

I urge you to find a way to pass this language into law during the special session.

Radon is an odorless, tasteless gas that's released as a byproduct of decay of naturally occurring elements such as uranium, thorium, and radium in rocks and soils. It accumulates indoors as it seeps through cracks in your home and schools. The only way to know if it is a problem is to test for it.

Research shows one Vermonter dies from radon-induced lung cancer every week. Kids are particularly vulnerable since their lungs are still developing and they breathe at a higher rate than adults. The EPA estimates that 1 in 5 schools nationwide have elevated radon levels and recommends that every school be tested.

I'm urging you to protect our kids, teachers, and faculty from radon by passing S.279 this year!

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