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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to express my strong support for the Health Center Program and to highlight the critical role health centers play in primary care and cancer prevention in our community. Without action by September 30, the Health Center Program will lose 70 percent of its funding, which would be a devastating cut. Community health centers provide access to quality preventive and primary care services that are critical for cancer patients, survivors and those who will be diagnosed with cancer.

Half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by reducing tobacco use, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting recommended screenings. Health centers are essential in providing these evidence-based preventive services and timely care to cancer patients and their families. In fact, health center patients are more likely to receive mammograms, pap smears and colorectal cancer screening than non-health center patients nationally. In 2014, 91 percent of patients of community health centers reported receiving their cervical cancer screening and 84 percent reported receiving their breast cancer screening. For colorectal cancer screening, an estimated 280,000 additional community health center patients were screened in 2015, compared to 2014.

My request is urgent because health centers could lose a significant amount of federal funding in the years ahead. This loss would require not only reductions in vital health services and staff, but would also force some centers to close -
something we cannot afford.

I am hopeful our community can count on your support as we work to meet the persistent demand for affordable primary care and cancer prevention and to ensure we make the needs of cancer patients a national priority.

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