ME: Don't cut funding for tobacco prevention programs


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Vote against a budget that cuts funding to tobacco and obesity prevention programs

Dear [Decision Maker],

Each and every day, Maine loses nearly 7 of its residents to tobacco-caused diseases.

Tobacco is highly addictive - according to many medical experts, more addictive than heroin - and the tobacco industry spends nearly $43 MILLION a year here in Maine in advertising trying to lure youth with their deadly and addictive products and to keep people smoking.

In the past, Maine has been nationally recognized for its leadership in allocating the tobacco settlement dollars as intended - to help people quit smoking and to prevent people from starting. The programs in place have been amazingly successful at saving lives and saving the state future health care dollars.

Tobacco settlement dollars are given to Maine with the intention that they compensate the state for current tobacco-caused disease and to also help prevent new generations of kids from using deadly and addictive tobacco products. Cutting tobacco prevention programs is short sighted and a complete disservice to the citizens of Maine.

We urge you to vote against any budget that sacrifices our kids' future by cutting nearly all state funding for the tobacco and obesity prevention programs.

Maine lives depend on it.

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