NY: Protect patient access to medications


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Protect cancer patients' access to medications!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to ask you to ensure that cancer patients have access to all medically necessary and appropriate drugs. Please support S.5022 /A.2317.

Cancer is often a very expensive and complicated condition to treat, requiring a team of medical professionals working together to help a patient.

Often a cancer patient will already know the prescription drugs they'll need, when buying a health plan. As such, cancer patients will want the plan that covers the medications and treatment they and their medical oncologist have determined will work best for them and at a cost they can best afford.

However, in spite of their choice, a health insurance company can, at any time during the health plan's contract year, remove a medication from the drug formulary or move a drug to a tier with higher patient cost sharing, thereby forcing the doctor and the patient to compromise their treatment decisions.

All New Yorkers including cancer patients and their families should be protected from insurance companies removing life-saving medications from the drug formulary, thus guaranteeing all cancer patients have access to the most appropriate and effective medication available without interruption. Please support S.5022 (Serino) /A.2317 (Peoples-Stokes).

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