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Dear  [Decision Maker],

As a resident of San Leandro, I am urging you to approve tobacco sales restrictions in our city, as part of a comprehensive strategy to help reduce youth smoking. You have the opportunity to help stop industry targeting of youth and vulnerable populations. I ask that the new tobacco retail license being considered for San Leandro include the following components:

* Prohibit the sales of all flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes.
* Establish a minimum pack size for little cigars and cigarillos.
* Prohibit tobacco sales in pharmacies
* Restrict where new tobacco retailers may locate so that they will not be concentrated in one neighborhood or near youth sensitive areas
* Prohibit new tobacco shops, hookah lounges or vape parlors from locating in our city

I hope that I can count on you to protect the health of San Leandro kids by enacting strong tobacco retail licensure regulations.

Thank you,
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