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Please vote YES on S.88, the bill to raise the sale age of tobacco to 21.

By passing this law, you can help Vermont kids stop before they ever start using tobacco. The teenage brain is not fully developed and more susceptible to addiction, which means when you start young you are more likely to become an adult smoker.

In fact, 95% of adult smokers started before the age of 21.

Raising the sale age to 21 would also help prevent younger high school kids from getting tobacco products including e-cigarettes from their 18 year old friends. This means, Vermonters who can legally buy tobacco won't be in the same social networks as our high school students.

As a state, we spend $348 million annually on tobacco-related diseases. Let's help our youth avoid these deadly costs.

Please support raising the sale age of tobacco products to 21. This will stop Vermont kids from starting a deadly addiction, save healthcare dollars and save lives.

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