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Make Cancer a Top Priority

Dear [Decision Maker],

Volunteers from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network are in Raleigh today to ask lawmakers to make cancer a top state priority.

I wasn't able to travel to Raleigh to be with them physically but as your constituent, I am writing to ask that you support the Strengthening Youth Tobacco Use Prevention Act (SB478/HB276).

Today in North Carolina, tobacco annually claims 14,200 lives and costs the state $3.8 billion in health care bills (including over $931.4 million in Medicaid costs from smoking related sickness and disease). Moreover, North Carolina is putting its kids at risk refusing to properly fund tobacco prevention programs that are proven to save lives and health care dollars. Let's imagine our kids' healthy future and make 2017 the year NC adequately funds tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.

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