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Dear [Decision Maker],

Did you know 25 percent of Vermont youth are using some form of tobacco? We all know nicotine is highly addictive, but science has shown us the adolescent brain is more susceptible to this addiction.

We also know 10,000 Vermont kids alive today will die from smoking, but you could change this outcome.

Ninety-five percent of adults who smoke started before the age of 18. This is partly due to the fact that 68 percent of Vermont high-schoolers get their tobacco products by "bumming" from their 18-yr old friends.

As a state, we spend $348 million annually on tobacco-related diseases. By passing this proposal, you can help prevent future generations of Vermonters from struggling to quit and from the burden of a chronic condition.

Please support raising the sale age of tobacco products to 21. This will stop Vermont kids from starting a deadly addiction, save healthcare dollars and save lives.

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