Utah: Help keep tobacco retailers away from schools and other locations where kids gather


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I am asking you to please support House Bill 370, Amendments to Tobacco Regulations.

With the goal of protecting Utah's youth from the harmful effects of tobacco, there are certain restrictions in place on where stores that sell tobacco can be located.

Unfortunately, these restrictions are not always being enforced and stores are being allowed to set up shop where they should not be according to Utah's laws. HB 370 would authorize local health departments to determine whether or not shops are located in locations allowable under Utah law.

I am sure you are aware that it is illegal to smoke cigarettes in public places, along with hookah and e-cigarettes in the vast majority of public places. HB 370 would also ensure that this continues to be the case.

I hope that I can count on you to put the health of Utah's kids first and vote Yes on HB 370.

Thank you,
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