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KY: Please Help Those Who Want to Quit Using Tobacco


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Please vote yes on SB 89

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to vote in favor of SB 89 that will provide barrier-free insurance coverage for all types of tobacco cessation counseling and medications.

There are nine thousand tobacco-related deaths each year in Kentucky. Yet, many who want to quit are denied barrier-free access to proven tobacco cessation treatments. Many Kentucky insurers cover treatments, but many fail to cover all types of recommended tobacco cessation services, medications, and counseling. Additionally, each plan is different and many impose complicated obstacles to access such as step therapy and prior authorization. These inconsistencies cause confusion among providers and patients about the availability of treatments, meaning fewer Kentuckians utilize tobacco cessation benefits.

It's time that we reverse Kentucky's high tobacco usage rates by ensuring that insurance coverage is barrier-free and provides evidence-based cessation treatments for those who want to quit.

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