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NM Kids are the ROI for the Tobacco Use Prevention Programs

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing as your constituent to urge you to maintain funding for tobacco use prevention and cessation programs and to seriously consider increasing state tobacco taxes to raise badly needed revenue, save lives, and save millions of taxpayer dollars spent on tobacco-related health care costs.

As you make critical decisions to balance the state budget, please remember the reason for the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. We must invest in tobacco use prevention, education, and cessation programs. New Mexico's kids are the Return on Investment and I hope you agree they are worth it.

There is another partial solution to the state's budget problem that would raise revenue, reduce state and taxpayer costs, and save lives. A $1.50 per pack increase in the state cigarette tax with a comparable increase in the tax on other tobacco products would raise an estimated $42 million in revenue per year, help reduce state health care costs by $9.4 million over 5 years, and save an estimated 7,300 lives. And 81% of New Mexicans support increasing the tax on tobacco.

Tobacco prevention and cessation programs and significant increases in the price of tobacco products are part of a proven strategy to reduce death and disease from tobacco.

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