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Hello, my name is __________________ I am a constituent and a volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.  I am calling today regarding Senate File (SF) 144--Medicaid and SNAP Eligibility Requirements..

Could I please speak with Representative___________ ? (Introduction again, if necessary)

I would like to ask you to vote NO on SF 144. I am a (cancer survivor, caregiver, advocate, professional, etc.) who cares about this issue!

2. Now pick at least one of the following points below that you feel passionate about to include in your message.

  • SF 144 will harm Wyomingites who are desperately trying to heal from cancer and return to the workforce.  It requires them to choose whether healing or health insurance coverage is most important.
  • Work requirements for those who have cancer would be extremely difficult.  Many doctors recommend their patients take time off of work and/or significantly modify their work schedule.  If patients can’t comply, then they face losing their health care coverage for a minimum of 6 months,
  • Not having health insurance coverage for 6 months punishes Wyomingites when they are at their most vulnerable and need support the most.
  • SF 144 includes a number of unnecessary and burdensome administrative reporting requirements that could deny cancer patients, survivors and those facing a cancer diagnosis access to Medicaid when they need it most, because they are unable to comply with these new requirements..

3. End the call with the ask and listen to what they say. Write it down if you can.

 I respectfully ask for you to vote no on SF 144. Thank you for your time.