Please make a call to Governor Wolf asking him to increase tobacco taxes to save lives.

Call Governor Wolf's office at (717) 787-2500 and say:

Thank you for proposing tobacco taxes in your budget.  I urge you to stay strong on this issue. 

Please increase the tax on cigarettes by $1.60 per pack, and tax all other tobacco products as outlined in your budget.

This is important to prevent kids from using tobacco products.  


This is done

Make a call to Governor (D-Pennsylvania) Tom W. Wolf's Office


Phone: (717) 787-2500


District Phone:

  Log a call or meeting with Governor (D-Pennsylvania) Tom W. Wolf's Office


Additional talking points on the issue if needed: 

- Tobacco takes a tremendous toll on individuals and families. 

- By supporting an increase in the cigarette tax by $1.60, and taxing other tobacco products, Pennsylvania can bring in over $400 million in new revenues.

- Because the tobacco industry can easily offset a low tax through coupons and discounts, it is important to pass a significant increase like $1.60.

- Increasing Pennsylvania’s cigarette tax by $1.60 per pack would prevent 91,100 kids under 18 from becoming adult smokers and help 108,500 current adult smokers quit.

- Tobacco tax increases have bipartisan, public support.  They will save lives, lower healthcare costs, and help balance the budget – which is why I support them too.