Ask them to Support Governor Cuomo's proposal to add electronic cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act. 

The proliferation of electronic cigarettes and the fact that they can and are being used in public spaces where tobacco products are currently prohibited is deeply troubling. That is why ACS CAN supports adding electonic cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Shopping malls, school grounds, movie theaters, museums, playgrounds and other public places should be tobacco and electronic cigarette free. This proposal won't prohibit e-cigarettes, but simply regulate them like traditional cigarettes in public places. People of appropriate age will continue to be free to use them, just not in places where smoking is prohibited. E-cigarette manufacturers (including the nation's largest tobacco companies) are running enormous advertising campaigns aimed at young people in an effort to normalize their use and "re-glamorize" smoking. As a result the percentage of youth using e-cigarettes more than doubled in just the past year. 

Since there is no federal or state regulation of these products in effect, our kids could be ingesting toxic and potentially lethal amounts of nicotine or other harmful chemicals. Effective regulation is absolutely essential to guard against these risks. Please support the Governor's proposal to include them under the Clean Indoor Air Act.

Please take 5 minutes to call your legislators and urge them to support the Governor's proposal to include them under the Clean Indoor Air Act.

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